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New to the Library!

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Links for Challenge 3:


Grammer Guide
Check out this brief guide to help you avoid common grammer mistakes. 

Not sure what to read? Try these book finder websites!

YALSA's Book Finder for Young Adults

Goodreads Young Adult

Lit Loot Boxes

Sign up for a Lit Loot box! We surprise you with a book(s) and a surprise. You can only sign up for one Lit Loot box each time they are offered. There are a limited number of boxes available. 

We have reached our limit.
Look for future announcemnts


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Email Mrs. Peterson for access to magazines
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PCHS Library Mission:  

It is the mission of the library to provide accurate, unbiased, and relevant information to all students regardless of age or ability. We strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment which fosters a love of reading and learning as well as the development of critical information skills. We also believe that collaboration between library staff and teachers is critical to the academic success of students.

The library seeks to support the mission of Pulaski County Schools which reads as follows:

"Pulaski County High School is committed to maximizing student achievement and will share responsibility with families and the community to create an equitable learning environment that strives to develop all students into productive, responsible citizens and lifelong learning." 

PCHS Library
5414 Cougar Trail Road
Dublin, VA 24084

Contact Us:

(540) 643-0290 

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